The future of customer experience: How B2B companies are building an ‘Offer You Can’t Refuse’

According to research by B2B International, only 14% of large B2B companies have a culture in which the customer experience is deeply ingrained. And according to McKinsey, B2C companies typically score in the 65 to 85 percent range when it comes to customer experience, while B2B companies average less than 50 percent.

And yet, according to that same McKinsey, the benefits of a fantastic customer experience for B2B companies are high:

“In our experience, customer-experience leaders in B2B settings have on average higher margins than their competitors. In cases where companies have undertaken broad transformations of their customer-experience processes, the impact among B2B and B2C players has been similar, with higher client-satisfaction scores, reductions of 10 to 20 percent in cost to serve, revenue growth of 10 to 15 percent, and an increase in employee satisfaction.”

But when I talk to B2B companies about the matter, the

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