A crazy-good budget gaming smartphone that will also appeal to regular buyers

a hand holding a cellphone: Poco X3 review: A crazy-good budget gaming smartphone that will also appeal to regular buyers

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Poco X3 review: A crazy-good budget gaming smartphone that will also appeal to regular buyers

Even if you aren’t familiar with the Poco X2, you must have come across it in buying guides, or in many of our reviews. This is because it offers plenty of hardware for your buck, making it good value for money.

At Rs 17,499, the Poco X2 is a proper budget gaming smartphone. It focussed on delivering just one thing — performance. And this made it more of a gaming smartphone than anything else.

With the Poco X3, things have been improved. I received the 8GB RAM + 128 GB storage variant in the ‘Shadow Black’ finish of the Poco X3 for review. And after using it for more than a week, it’s easy to conclude that it still is an excellent budget gaming smartphone.

But thanks to the improvements

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WFH tips from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: Regular breaks, short meetings, and other advice

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. (GeekWire Photo / Kevin Lisota)

Schedule super quick meetings just to check in with colleagues. Read more. And try to fit “moments of transition” into your daily schedule.

Those are some tips from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to help manage well-being with the new WFH lifestyle.

Nadella spoke this week at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council. He said he’s focused on three major considerations of how the nature is work is changing amid the pandemic: how collaboration happens, how learning happens inside companies, and how to ensure employees aren’t burning out.

The last point has become even more important over the past several months as workers conduct multiple meetings per day via video and don’t have the same interactions with colleagues at a physical office. Microsoft studies show that people are now working after hours and on weekends more frequently, and that remote work is

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Amazon’s home security drone may actually be less creepy than a regular camera

Mention drones and Amazon in the same breath, and most people will immediately think of the company’s grand plans for aerial delivery or maybe ill-advised late-night internet purchases involving the latest consumer flying machines. This week, however, Amazon announced a new kind of drone designed to patrol your house when you’re not home.

a screenshot of a cell phone on a table: Your new flying roommate is here.

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Your new flying roommate is here.

The Ring Always Home Camera made a lot of noise on social media after its debut yesterday. Coming in 2021, the $250 device will ship with its own recharging base, as well as a camera-equipped craft designed to get roughly five minutes of flight time per charge.


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According to Ring, the camera is designed for people who want to get a holistic view of their house when they’re not home without having to set up a group of always-on cameras that constantly monitor different

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