This ‘gaming UPS’ has customizable RGB lighting because of course it does

It had to happen, and it did—a battery backup designed specifically with gamers in mind, or what hardware makers think gamers are all about. That’s to say, Schneider Electric’s new APC Back-UPS Pro Gaming UPS delivers electrical impulses to help with overclocking your GPU, to achieve faster framerates in games! No wait, that would be silly. What I meant to say is, it has (*checks notes*) a dozen RGB LEDs that you can customize.

To be fair, I wouldn’t want an uninterruptible power supply that offers to zap my PC. That’s not what they do. UPS units are intended to protect PCs and other electronics from sudden surges in electricity (the good ones do, anyway), and of course provide some emergency power if the electricity goes out for any reason, like if someone crashes into a utility pole outside your home and knocks it down, along with the power on

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Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 2020

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Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless 2

Simon Hill/ Business Insider

  • The Corsair Ironclaw RGB Wireless is a reliable gaming mouse with lots of features for $80.
  • Suited to larger hands and a palm grip, this mouse offers great performance, enabling precision aiming and eliminating lag completely.
  • With 10 programmable buttons and three lighting zones, you can customize this gaming mouse using Corsair’s iCue software.
  • It’s a good gaming mouse that won’t let you down where it counts, but I personally prefer the design and wireless charging feature found on the $90 Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE mouse.
  • Check out our guides to the best mice and the best gaming mice for some alternatives, or find a partner for your mouse in the best gaming keyboards.

The world of gaming mice is growing increasingly competitive. At the high end,

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