The role of solid state chemistry in the development of metal-ion batteries

The role of solid state chemistry in the development of metal-ion batteries
Credit: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

Professors from the Skoltech Center for Energy Science and Technology (CEST), Lomonosov Moscow State University and College de France shared their vision on the importance of solid state chemistry in advancements currently awaited from contemporary and prospective metal-ion batteries. The opinion was contributed as an invited review to Nature Communications.

Metal-ion batteries are the main drivers enabling a smooth transfer to renewables and green energy for a sustainable planet. The artfully designed electrode materials have greatly contributed to the development of high-performance Li-ion batteries that was eventually hallmarked by the 2019 Nobel Prize, which had signified the role solid state chemistry. Targeted design of novel metal-ion battery materials to bring the technology to the next level clearly stands as a great challenge for today’s chemistry community.

The individual properties of atoms and ions encoded in the Periodic Table along with the fundamental

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Storage for AI/ML Applications Plays a Key Role at Flash Memory Summit 2020

Data analytics, deep learning, and other AI/ML applications drive multi-billion-dollar flash memory market

Virtual Flash Memory Summit (FMS), the world’s premiere flash memory conference and exposition, announces a major program track on Storage for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) Applications.

The new track features talks on storage strategies, model training, workloads, NVMe and logical volumes, persistent memory, software-defined architectures, and accelerating the GPU data path. It also includes panels on model scalability and long-term horizons, plus a keynote by Geoffrey Burr, Distinguished Researcher at IBM Almaden Research Center. Virtual Flash Memory Summit 2020 will be held on November 10-12 and expects to draw more than 6,000 attendees.

AI/ML applications require vast amounts of low latency, high-throughput flash storage. Cloud and enterprise data center architectures must be optimized to train deep neural networks and analyze petabyte-scale datasets, all while satisfying critical cost constraints.

The rapid adoption of AI/ML applications is

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Going Green: The Benefits of Sustainable Infrastructure Investments and Technology’s Role

By Mohammad Raafi Hossain, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Fasset

2020 has witnessed wildfires run rampant in Australia, tremendous storms and flooding in the southern United States, and the largest ice shelf left in the world shattering earlier this month—climate change and the threat it poses to society are startlingly obvious. The impact of climate change will go well beyond the physical world, however, and is set to have significant knock-on effects to the global economy. By 2050, experts estimate, climate change will cost the world economy $7.9 trillion.

While haunted by the threat of climate change, both developed and developing nations are facing deepening challenges around infrastructure development. In emerging economies, rampant population growth and rapid urbanization are placing increased pressure on existing infrastructural systems. Meanwhile, developed markets are engaged in maintaining relevance in an increasingly technology-driven, global economy and are in need of modernizing rapidly-dating infrastructure. Around

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Ghana hails SGCI’s role in transforming the country’s Science and Technology sector

The government of Ghana has hailed the extraordinary role that the Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) has played over the last five years in helping transform Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in the country.

Special Advisor to the Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Oliver Boachie in an interview said Ghana’s participation in SGCI has seen the nation benefit from capacity building initiatives, as well as other support aimed at putting STI at the center of national development.

“We have received training on research management using grant management systems. That is a whole process of issuing calls for proposals, receiving proposals, vetting, allocation of resources, management of the resources, tracking of the output and so on.”

The SGCI is a multi–funder Initiative aimed at strengthening the capacities of 15 Science Granting Councils in Sub-Saharan Africa in order to support research and evidence-based policies that will contribute to economic and

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The Role Of The Sales Engineer In Enterprise Software Sales

Technologist, husband, father, and Air Force officer; leading a Google engineering team that works with the Department of Defense

There is no shortage of technology vendors who claim they can solve an organization’s workflow, collaboration and data challenges. Adept sales professionals from these firms listen to prospective customers and try to align the solutions they offer with the business needs they perceive. This situation is fraught with risk, though, and the prospect may become a customer with a false sense of alignment between their requirements and the solution being presented.

A sales engineer can add value to the sales cycle by performing technical discovery, evaluating technological viability and mitigating risk through the creation of prototypes and proofs of concept. Sales engineers and sales representatives work together as partners in the pre-sales consultation process, performing the due diligence necessary to properly qualify, and ultimately close, deals.

The role of the

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ET Back to Business Summary – Increased role and impact of automation in manufacturing

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, aptly termed as the ‘intelligence revolution’. For the critical manufacturing industry, the changes driven by automation are of rising importance because of its impact on productivity and the labour force. Never before has human bot collaboration carried as much potential as it does today, and automation can be the ace up the sleeve that helps the manufacturing industry meet the country’s GDP goals.

Automation is also helping the manufacturing industry evolve its definition of productivity. The measure of productivity is no longer defined by physical movement of goods; it now takes into consideration human capital factors such as creativity, upskilling and the ability to innovate. This is leading technology conversations to move from boardrooms to factory floors, and from IT teams to operations and business intelligence teams. The value addition of automation is clear to all business units.

The current

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Ice Cube lands new sci-fi role | Entertainment

Ice Cube is to star in a new sci-fi film.

The 51-year-old rapper and actor has teamed up with Universal for the as-yet untitled project, which will be produced by Patrick Aiello and Timur Bekmambetov.

Plot details on the movie are vague but it is described as a grounded sci-fi film that explores the themes of privacy versus surveillance. Rich Lee is directing from a script written by Kenneth Golde.

The film has been greenlighted by Universal and is set to begin production next month. The studio are reportedly encouraged to use the new technology that has been developed by Bekmambetov.

The new technology allows production to be completed remotely with cast and crew working from their individual separate locations, particularly useful amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Hip hop legend Ice Cube has took on a variety of film roles since making his acting drama in Los Angeles gang drama ‘Boyz

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Upload and The Flash star Robbie Amell lands new movie role

From Digital Spy

Robbie Amell has landed a new movie role in a YA novel adaptation.

The star of Upload and The Flash will both star in and produce Float, based on a novel by Kate Marchant, which originated on Wattpad.

The story has racked up 25.5 million reads on the site and is one of Wattpad’s the most popular teen romance stories.

Photo credit: Amazon Prime

Float follows 17-year-old Waverly who after her parents’ messy divorce finds herself yanked from her comfortable life in Alaska to spend the summer at her aunt’s beach house in Florida. There she clashes with her arrogant jaded beach bum neighbour named Blake (Amell).

“Kate wrote such an incredibly touching and relatable love story. I hope the fans are as excited as I am to see these characters come to life,” Amell said in a statement.

Aron Levitz, head of Wattpad Studios, added:

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ECMO outcomes study at experienced centers suggests key role for treating worst-hit patients as pandemic continues — ScienceDaily

It saved lives in past epidemics of lung-damaging viruses. Now, the life-support option known as ECMO appears to be doing the same for many of the critically ill COVID-19 patients who receive it, according to a new international study.

The 1,035 patients in the study faced a staggeringly high risk of death, as ventilators and other care failed to support their lungs. But after they were placed on ECMO, their actual death rate was less than 40%. That’s similar to the rate for patients treated with ECMO in past outbreaks of lung-damaging viruses, and other severe forms of viral pneumonia.

The new study published in The Lancet provides strong support for the use of ECMO — short for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation — in appropriate patients as the pandemic rages on worldwide.

It may help more hospitals that have ECMO capability understand which of their COVID-19 patients might benefit from the

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Tech Ecosystem Playing More Active Role to Combat Virus

As the novel coronavirus resurges in Iran, local knowledge-based firms and tech companies raised the bar in the battle against Covid-19.
Vice President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari, speaking at a meeting in West Azarbaijan Province early this week, acknowledged the latest achievements by domestic tech teams and startups, IRNA reported.
“The coronavirus outbreak in Iran has helped prepare the ground for the greater participation of tech ecosystem, especially in the medical and healthcare fields,” he said.
“Iranian knowledge-based companies and tech teams have successfully produced medicinal and heal-protective items required to control the disease.”
Sattari noted that currently, six knowledge-based companies are specifically working on Covid-19 vaccine, three of which are showing promising results. 
He added that since the virus started spreading in the country in mid-February, laboratory and clinical works for developing medicine and vaccine began. 
According to Majid Jazani, one of the pharmacists working on Covid-19

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