Recruiters make six-figure salaries at Google, Microsoft, and Facebook

  • Recruiters play a front-facing role for tech companies looking for the right talent.
  • To figure out how much firms have paid workers in recruitment and talent positions, Business Insider scoured government data on foreign-worker visas.
  • Many positions score six-figure salaries, even before adding the commission-based packages that some recruiters earn. 
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In the competitive tech industry where companies vye for top talent, recruiters play a big role in finding the right people. 

“The role of the recruiters is simply to be a catalyst of growth for the companies they work for, specifically by helping them to have the best chance to hire the greatest people possible,” said Matthew Strassberg of recruiting firm Skyrocket Ventures. 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways companies recruit: Most in-person interviews are now done entirely online, meaning that companies no longer need to fly candidates out and put them

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