Fast-casual sandwich players turn to tech and building loyalty

To bolster their brand and relationship with customers in this evolving environment, emerging fast-casual sandwich chains are accelerating pre-COVID digital trends and doubling down on technology.

“We think of ourselves as a technology enabled [food]service provider,” said David Bloom, chief development officer of Las Vegas-based Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.

In the two years prior to the initial COVID shutdowns, the 40-year-old sandwich chain was hyper-focused on becoming efficient at off-premise third-party apps and integrated technologies, and getting good at marketing and developing relationships.

“Innovation is more than just the product,” said Bloom. “We’re better at what we do with tech.”


In August, Capriotti’s launched two ghost kitchens in California — the first of several planned for opening around the country later this year — to further optimize its delivery capabilities and expand its reach.

In conjunction with the kitchens, the 110-unit chain is currently testing several “virtual brands,” product lines available

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