Teachers play a critical role in shaping girls’ future as coders

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The big idea

It doesn’t take long to help girls see a future for themselves in computer science, but it depends largely on how good their teachers are at recognizing the skills the girls have in coding, which is basically writing language for computers. We found that girls ages 10 to 12 can come to see themselves as coders in as little as a week. And there are diverse roles within the world of coding that allow girls with various personalities and skill sets to see themselves as coders. However, if educators recognize girls only for when they play a background role and help others, but not when they are more assertive and confident, then they may not develop their assertiveness and confidence in a way that enables them to succeed as coders.

To reach this conclusion, my colleagues

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How conversational AI is shaping the future of banking

Financial institutions are at the forefront of technological innovations, searching for ways to execute faster and serve their customers better. But in striving for the latest and greatest solutions, it may be tempting to embrace whatever technology comes around. This has led to the proliferation of chatbots, which claim to bolster call centers with automation. In reality, these “bots” behave more like dated robots and are highly rigid in how they interact with customers, creating an IVR 2.0 format that frustrates callers and prevents banks from serving their customers.

This is especially challenging today, in the aftermath of stay-at-home orders and the possibility of subsequent lockdowns. Many banks were overwhelmed by an influx of calls at height of the quarantine, and they are now facing a potential resurgence as many cities and states reconsider their decision to reopen.

Even when call volumes are high, banks need to be able offer

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9 Top Trends Shaping the Blockchain Industry

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The blockchain industry is currently experiencing a global renaissance with the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi). Some industry reports in the recent past have suggested that the “hype” was over and enterprise blockchain solutions would replace retail-focused excitement, but this has clearly not been the case.

The recent DeFi movement has attracted hundreds and thousands of new market participants around the world to the technology, while also catching the attention of the large banking institutions that it was always meant to disrupt.

Currently, over USD 8 billion is locked in various DeFi applications, with live protocols producing real-time opportunities to achieve yields never before seen.

This hype and excitement has also brought back much needed capital and attention to the space, helping non-DeFi projects with real products launches. Here’s a roundup of some of the current

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