Global poll of views on environment and science finds sharpest divide in US

a factory next to a building: Photograph: Mark Makela/Reuters

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Photograph: Mark Makela/Reuters

People in the US are more sharply divided along political lines when it comes to science and environmental issues than in other parts of the world, new research shows.

Across the world, people who see themselves on the left side of politics are more likely to be concerned about the environment than those who see themselves as being on the right or in the centre ground.

But in the US, that divide is much sharper, according to an international survey by the Pew Research Center. About four in 10 US citizens who are on the right politically would prioritise protecting the environment, even if it caused slower economic growth and some loss of jobs, compared with 87% of those on the left.

In Europe, Australia, Canada, Brazil and South Korea, the divide was much less marked. Of those on the right in

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