A Seattle startup shines light on the face masks of the future

The mask works with an App that’s compatible with iOS and Android phones. People can write custom text and draw images or animations.

A Seattle woman is creating a very unique mask and helping raise funds for coronavirus relief in the process. 

Chelsea Klukas is an entrepreneur and the co-founder of the internationally acclaimed fashion technology organization MakeFasion. She spent years fusing fashion and technology in Canada before moving to Seattle a few years ago and created Lumen Couture.

Klukas creates what she calls “FashionTech for everyday wear, special events and performers.” Her collection features dresses and other garments that have been fused with embedded LED technology that brings wardrobe to life with vibrant colors, designs and even messages.  

“When the pandemic happened nobody was going out and I wasn’t involved in fashion shows and sort of created my next garment by accident,” she said.

Klukas was working on

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