Ethel’s Club founder is launching Somewhere Good, a social platform that centers people of color

Naj Austin, founder and CEO of subscription-based physical and digital community Ethel’s Club, is building Somewhere Good to be a one-stop shop for people of color. Beyond being a place for people of color to connect, it’s also about creating a safe space for folks to be their authentic selves.

“A lot of how we’re talking about Somewhere Good with investors is this idea of a new online world where our identities are centered,” Austin told me. “The vision for Somewhere Good is you take your phone out of your pocket and, as a Black person or person of color, all of your needs are met there in that one place.”

That means folks could access communities around things like wellness, art, music and film, and engage in commerce through those groups. It’s not that some of these communities don’t already exist, it’s just that they’re fragmented across the web

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HP Inc. and The LAGRANT Foundation Launch Technology + Social Innovation Program to Increase …

on creating
career opportunities for
Builds on HP’s
broader efforts including
program with H
istorically Black
Colleges and

News highlights:

  • HP is partnering with The LAGRANT Foundation to launch a three-year program to support early-career professionals in journalism, communications and digital content creation.
  • Participants will gain practical experience and mentorship working with HP’s global team to become versed in strategic communications, employee engagement and social impact programs.
  • Participants will have the opportunity to take business communications courses on HP LIFE, a global online program providing business and IT leadership skills.
  • HP will amplify the program by extending it to its network of PR agency partners.

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HP Inc. today announced a partnership with The LAGRANTFoundation (TLF) to launch the Technology + Social Innovation program, with the goal to

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The Technology 202: Social networks scramble to address the aftermath of first presidential debate

The social network said it took down the accounts based on intelligence provided by the FBI. Twitter shared some examples of the tweets, which the company said “did not make an impact on the public conversation” and had very low engagement:

The activity indicates that social networks are in for a rocky ride for the remainder of election season. 

Tech companies have been revamping their policies and aggressively hiring to address such campaigns in the wake of Russian interference on their platforms surrounding the 2016 election. Yet the companies remain exceptionally vulnerable to a range of evolving and expanding forces that could undermine the election. 

The first presidential debate also sparked an onslaught of extremism and misinformation online. And this is just the beginning: The companies have to contend with three more debate nights as well as a high-stakes Election Day and the delicate post-election period, which might be

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Social Commerce Market – Actionable Research on COVID-19 | Rising Use of Social Media Advertising to Boost the Market Growth

The global social commerce market size is poised to grow by USD 2.05 trillion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 31% throughout the forecast period, according to the latest report by Technavio. The report offers an up-to-date analysis regarding the current market scenario, latest trends and drivers, and the overall market environment. The report also provides the market impact and new opportunities created due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download a Free Sample of REPORT with COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery Analysis.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Social Commerce Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire).

The rising use of social media advertising is one of the major factors driving the market growth. The e-commerce industry uses social media platforms for advertising and increasing their customer base. With the rising popularity of social media, e-commerce advertisers

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The Technology 202: Chaotic debate makes social media more important for Biden and Trump

On social media, Biden highlighted his best soundbites and offered fact checks of Trump’s repeated false claims. His campaign team also tried to seize on potentially viral moments and was swiftly out with a link to buy a t-shirt with the line of the night, “Will you shut up, man.”

Meanwhile Trump was using powerful Facebook advertising tools to amplify misinformation. He was running dozens of ads last night that implied Biden was wearing an earpiece during the debate – after such false rumors festered on social media and were covered by conservative news outlets. 

Facebook declined to comment on the ad, but the company does not fact check ads from politicians. The company’s fact-checking partners did debunk and label similar claims from accounts that did not belong to politicians. 

The travesty of a debate further proves campaigns’ digital strategies matter more than ever in 2020. 

The coronavirus pandemic has

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Two Fundamentals This 20-Year Old Has Followed to Become Social Media Marketing Mogul

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

Besides creativity, constant effort and originality are the other essential things needed to become a successful social media influencer.

Dylan DeGennaro knows this too well as at the young age of 20 he has managed to create a successful brand for himself in the digital space, specifically in music marketing.

DeGennaro started his career in social media five years back with a sports page. Over time he developed interest in sports and realised the powerful role social media plays in building a strong presence in any niche. These two factors prompted the young man to start on his own path.

With the ability to create original content and the creativity to constantly generate elements that would attract a large number of followers, DeGennaro had just the formula to grow within social media. When he saw that

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Preciate Launches Preciate Social, the first virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams

DALLAS, Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Preciate, a platform designed to enable businesses and teams to foster and grow authentic relationships, announced today the launch of Preciate Social, the first virtual socializing platform for businesses and teams. Designed for the purpose of socializing, team building and fun, Preciate Social was built from the ground up to provide a fully immersive experience that replicates the atmosphere of real-life business socials and mixers. Using Preciate Social, companies and teams can now create premium, specially-curated virtual business socials that build relationships and engagement no matter where stakeholders are located. Previously in beta, Preciate has nearly 10,000 users from 1,700 companies such as AAA, SSI, Brock Solutions, National Science Foundation/Emory, and Dyno Nobel.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars fostering relationships with employees, partners, stakeholders and clients. In 2019 alone, U.S. companies spent $139.3 billion on meetings, events, and incentive travel,

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How TikTok is changing social media (Instagram should take notes)


In what experts say could be a long-term shift, people are posting more unfiltered content on social media during COVID-19 lockdowns. For many, the polished life of Instagram influencers is less alluring during a pandemic.

Angela Lang/CNET

With people spending more time at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a noticeable shift in the kinds of content posted online. These days, you won’t see as many photos of sunny Hawaiian vacations or over-the-top parties. Instead, platforms like TikTok have flooded social media feeds with pajama-clad, makeup-free creators trying to stay entertained by posting everything from simple skits to rants to candid moments.

Another trend has picked up steam on TikTok: mocking Instagram influencers for what many perceive as superficial content focused on product promotions and super polished looks. Countless creators on TikTok have posted videos pretending to be an influencer, starting off with the YouTube and Instagram influencer catchphrase,

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Athletes And Staff Get Wearables To Ensure Social Distancing

Each year, thousands of elite and amateur runners compete in the London Marathon. Last year, 42,000 people completed the 26.2-mile course that spans across the British capital, with thousands of people lining the streets to lend their support.

The marathon is an opportunity to achieve personal goals and raise millions of dollars for charitable causes.

But running a mass participation event in the era of Coronavirus is impossible and marathons across the globe have been canceled or postponed, much to the disappointment of those who had spent months training and fundraising for their big day in the limelight.

London Marathon

London hopes things will return to normal for the 2021 event but in the meantime, the 40th staging of the event will take place in a secure bubble in St James Park. Just 100 elite athletes will compete in the men’s, women’s and wheelchair races,

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Social media use linked with depression, secondary trauma during COVID-19 — ScienceDaily

Can’t stop checking social media for the latest COVID-19 health information? You might want to take a break, according to researchers at Penn State and Jinan University who discovered that excessive use of social media for COVID-19 health information is related to both depression and secondary trauma.

“We found that social media use was rewarding up to a point, as it provided informational, emotional and peer support related to COVID-19 health topics,” said Bu Zhong, associate professor of journalism, Penn State. “However, excessive use of social media led to mental health issues. The results imply that taking a social media break may promote well-being during the pandemic, which is crucial to mitigating mental health harm inflicted by the pandemic.”

The study, which published online on Aug. 15 in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, included 320 participants living in urban districts of Wuhan, China. In February 2020, the team

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