Pandemic accelerated the adoption and sophistication of IoT technology

The enterprise is finding its digital capabilities have been put to the test amid the coronavirus crisis, and a new report from Vodafone Business shows IoT’s significant impact.


Image: iStock

When it became apparent to Americans that our only recourse in dealing with COVID-19 was to isolate, as well as work and learn remotely, businesses were finding their digital capabilities tested. The response? The Internet of Things (IoT)  is vital to the success of US businesses (92%), according to a new report, 2020 IoT Spotlight from the communications company Vodafone Business.

During the pandemic, the report showed, 84% of IoT-adopter businesses in the US increased the pace of their IoT projects, 76% of US businesses considering IoT agreed COVID-19 accelerated adoption plans, and 79% of US businesses launched new IoT projects as a result of the crisis.

Vodafone queried 1,639 companies to unveil the positive effects that IoT has had

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