Cooperation Key to Spotting an Asteroid Headed for Earth

If you’ve noticed an uptick in reports of asteroids whizzing close to Earth in the last few years, it might seem as if our planet is more in danger of being struck by a space rock than ever before. But there hasn’t really been an increase in the number of asteroids threatening Earth — it’s that our ability to detect those asteroids has dramatically improved.

Our magnificent Milky Way galaxy is radiant over La Silla Observatory.
Our magnificent Milky Way galaxy is radiant over ESO’s La Silla Observatory. ESO/B. Tafreshi (

Thanks to improvements in technology like increases in computing power and more powerful telescopes, astronomers can now scan the sky in more detail than ever before, and they’re discovering more objects orbiting the sun and coming close to Earth. But this work can’t be done by just one country or one agency. To protect the planet, we need a global network of telescopes and researchers working together.

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