Smoke traveling from western wildfires spreads bad air quality across the US

Devastating wildfires across the Western United States has sent smoke traveling across the country and even into Europe. With that smoke comes bad air quality, not just for those near the fires, but for the entire continent.

Satelite images from NASA shows smoke thousands of miles from the fire. NASA says the smoke contains aerosols, a combination of particles which carry harmful things into the air and into your lungs. All the things that are burning, trees, grass, brush, homes, are turned into soot and absorbed by our lungs.

“This pollution, nobody knows how badly it will be affected but if we extrapolate from previous air quality it’s not good,” Dr. Malik Baz, the medical director at the Baz Allergy and Sius Center, said. “The long-term side effect, we’ll see many, many years down the line.”

Baz’s operates 13 locations in California, all of them are busy as Central California

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Pre-clinical study suggests virus does not stay in the lungs but spreads throughout the mother’s body — ScienceDaily

New research helps explain why flu can lead to life-threatening complications during pregnancy, suggesting the virus does not stay in the lungs but spreads throughout the mother’s body.

The pre-clinical study has overturned current scientific thinking on the reasons why flu infections affect pregnant women and their babies so severely.

The findings could also help researchers working to understand the fundamental biology of how COVID-19 spreads from the lungs into the body.

The research, in animal models, showed that during pregnancy flu spreads from the lungs through the blood vessels into the circulatory system, triggering a damaging hyperactive immune response.

Led by RMIT University in collaboration with researchers and clinicians from Ireland and Australia, the new study is published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Lead author Dr Stella Liong said the research suggests the vascular system is at the heart of the potentially devastating complications

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