Players Can Wipe Out Entire Squad Using C4 In New ‘Warzone’ Glitch


  • A “Warzone” glitch makes a driver and their vehicle invisible while using C4
  • The trick was the opposite of a bug reported last month where players cannot use the explosive
  • A similar bug was reported in July where players used claymore to deal damage to opposing squads

A recent “Call of Duty: Warzone” glitch was recently discovered by a Reddit user where players can easily wipe out an entire squad using a block of C4.

It’s not unusual for games like “Warzone” to have bugs in their system. There are times, however, that glitches, especially when they are heavily exploited by players, can use these to their advantage and gain an upper hand.

The C4 hiccup posted on a CODWarzone subreddit by user DarkOcf is the opposite of a familiar problem reported last month when battle royale players were unable to use the explosive. A video was posted

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