Valve’s Last Stand Update Could Be Hinting About ‘Left 4 Dead 3’


  • Valve recently released The Last Stand DLC for “Left 4 Dead 2
  • The new campaign introduced new weapons, rolled out bug fixes and featured characters
  • The Last Stand DLC could indicate that Valve is open to developing “Left 4 Dead 3”

Valve rolled out The Last Stand DLC campaign for “Left 4 Dead 2,” ending an almost a decade of update drought for the successful horror title, but a new report believes that the studio’s recent activities could be hinting that “Left 4 Dead 3” could be on the way.

Gamerant speculated that Valve’s recent push towards the new content of “Left 4 Dead” and “Half-Life” could indicate that a sequel of the horror title could finally be on the way. While many believed that Valve is no longer actively developing games, the release of “Half-Life: Alyx” and The Last Stand update prove otherwise.

The publication also thinks

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Why digital marketers have to keep up with emerging tech to stand out

The internet is having a moment. Forcing most of the developed world inside and online this year has officially pushed us into the next digital evolution. Among other technologies, augmented reality (AR) is on the rise. Digital marketers need to be aware of AR’s vast capabilities in order to reach today’s media-bombarded customers in new and exciting ways.

Augmented reality makes perfect sense in scenarios when consumers want to try goods on themselves: makeup, clothing, sunglasses, etc. This is especially handy because you no longer need to wait for a consumer to come into your brick-and-mortar store for these kinds of interactions. Many industries are starting to realise — possibly in part because of a push from the requirements of social distancing — that there’s a lot more that can be offered online.

eCommerce websites used to be treated like two-dimensional interactive flyers that had users scroll a page to

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Government targets emerging technologies with $1.9 billion, saying renewables can stand on own feet

The government has unveiled a $1.9 billion package of investments in new and emerging energy and emission-reducing technologies, and reinforced its message that it is time to move on from assisting now commercially-viable renewables.

The package will be controversial, given its planned broadening of the remit of the government’s clean energy investment vehicles, currently focused on renewables, and the attention given to carbon capture and storage, which has many critics.

The latest announcement follows the “gas-fired recovery” energy plan earlier this week, which included the threat the government would build its own gas-fired power station if the electricity sector failed to fill the gap left by the scheduled closure of the coal-fired Liddell power plant in 2023.

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Morrison government threatens to use Snowy Hydro to build gas generator, as it outlines ‘gas-fired recovery’ plan

Unveiling the latest policy, Scott Morrison said solar panels and wind farms were commercially

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