New Android Malware ‘Alien’ Targeting Coinbase Wallets Can Steal Passwords


  • Alien is based on Cerberus, a notorious malware that affected Google Play store
  • The malware can harvest and forward SMS messages, steal login credentials, and display fake login pages to users
  • Alien targets financial and cryptocurrency apps

A new Android malware, named “Alien”, targeting financial apps is capable of stealing credentials from 226 applications including cryptocurrency apps like Coinbase, according to security researchers from ThreatFabric.

The researchers say Alien has been active since the beginning of 2020 and is being offered as a “Malware-as-a-Service (MaaS)” in underground forums. The team noted that Alien was based on the source code for Cerberus, a notorious malware that Google’s security team was able to control by August 2020, Cointelegraph reported. 

Alien, even though it has the same base code as Cerberus, is more advanced and can intercept Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) codes and mimic and overlay content on top of other apps.

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iPhone 12 should steal iPad Air’s new Touch ID — it’s perfect for COVID-19 times

Apple ‘s new iPad Air relocates Touch ID to a button on the edge of the device. The company’s upcoming iPhone 12 lineup should do something similar, giving users an option between unlocking their iPhone using their face or unlocking it with their fingerprint as the world combats the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

a close up of a keyboard: Apple's new iPad Air integrates Touch ID into a button on the side of the iPad. CNET

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Apple’s new iPad Air integrates Touch ID into a button on the side of the iPad. CNET

Last week, Apple unveiled its newest gadgets , including an updated $599 (£579, AU$899) iPad Air that integrates Touch ID into the power button on top of the tablet. The move makes it easier for you to unlock the device while you’re wearing a mask and allows Apple to include a larger screen in its tablet without relying on Face ID to unlock the device. To get Apple’s face-unlocking technology in an iPad, users have to opt

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