Delivery driver throws ‘fragile’ parcel over a wall

Watch: Delivery driver caught in the act

This is the moment a DPD delivery driver took a photo to say a fragile parcel had been delivered – and then launched it over a nearby 6ft wall.

Jonathan Ward, 51, sold the £625 fabric printer on online auction site eBay and said he posted it to the buyer inside a box covered in eight stickers marking it as fragile or delicate.

However, he was horrified when the buyer got in touch to say it had arrived ‘broken beyond repair’.

CCTV footage shows the delivery driver taking a ‘proof of postage’ photo, before lifting the 25kg parcel over his head and pushing it over a wall.

Another video shows it landing on the other side, bouncing off a metal staircase, which Ward claims must have been when it broke.

The precious parcel – a printer bought to make face masks – landed

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