Handwashing development was perfectly timed for watchOS 7 says Apple VP

Apple VP of Human Interface Design Alan Dye has spoken about watchOS 7 in an interview, including the conception of the highlight handwashing feature and the coincidence of its development timing.

Since the launch of the new Apple Watch models and the release of the operating system, Dye claimed Apple has received “very positive” feedback so far from users during an interview on the Hodinkee Radio podcast. “We keep a close eye on those things,” the VP said, before declaring “We’re busy thinking about what’s next, but so far it’s been lovely to hear such a positive responses from everything, from the updates to hardware to all the work we’ve been doing on watchOS 7.”

There’s “especially love” for the new watchfaces, with a lot of “positive feedback” for the additions.

When asked about where Apple comes up with its ideas and features, Dye says a lot

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