Earth May Soon Get Another Mini-Moon, but It’s Probably Just a Piece of Space Trash | Smart News

For the most part, Earth and its single moon are locked in a two-body dance as our planet circles the sun. But every so often, a bit of space stuff—otherwise known as a mini-moon—will get caught up in Earth’s gravitational orbit and stick around for a while.

The last mini-moon to visit Earth was 2020 CD3, which circled Earth for a few months before it flew off to orbit the sun in March. Now, Deborah Byrd and Eddie Irizarry write for that scientists have identified another piece of space stuff that is expected to join Earth’s orbit, known as 2020 SO.

Astronomers first spotted 2020 SO on September 17 with the Pan-STARRS1 telescope in Hawaii, reports It’s predicted to enter Earth’s orbit in October or November and might stick around until May next year.

However, as Allen Kim reports for CNN, 2020 SO might not be your typical

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