DC tech company targets Black swing-state voters with T-shirts

The tech company works to protect Black people from racism and prejudice around the world by raising visibility to safe spaces.

WASHINGTON — A D.C.-based tech company found a unique way to engage African-American voters.

Over these past few months, people have traveled to nation’s capital from all over the United States to engage in the issues and encourage people to vote.

A company called I Love Black People (ILBP) is using a different approach with T-shirts and technology to encourage more than half a million voters in swing states to go to the polls.

“Your one vote can be the difference between somebody living and somebody dying next year,” Jarvis Houston said.

Houston is passionate about politics and problems affecting Black Americans.

He has worked with campaigns and politicians since a young age.

Houston is a spokesperson for ILBP, the tech company that works to protect Black people from

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