Microsoft could preempt Slack legal challenge with unbundled Office

  • Microsoft is set to release a one-time purchase license for Office in 2021.
  • This could help fend off legal challenges from Slack if the updated Office suite isn’t bundled with Teams.
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Though Microsoft has been attempting to steer consumers toward its Microsoft 365 subscription service (previously named Office 365), the company announced this week that a perpetual license version of Office would be released for both Windows and Mac in the second half of 2021.

Global IT devcision makers expect to reduce use of commercially licensed software in favor of SaaS

Microsoft could preempt Slack legal challenge with unbundled Office.

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Significantly, this shows Microsoft isn’t ready to abandon the one-time purchase software model, even if the future of enterprise software looks to be firmly rooted in Software as a Service (SaaS). Microsoft last released a

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