Does This Underappreciated Catalyst Make Apple Stock a Buy?

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been in the spotlight recently. Not only has its stock soared over the past year, but the company also launched new products last month, including new versions of its Apple Watch and iPad. Apple’s annual iPhone event is expected to take place this month. 

Despite all of the attention the tech company is getting, investors may still be underestimating one key catalyst for the company, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Jeriel Ong. Apple’s upcoming rumored debut of a smaller iPhone could spur significant demand for the latest iPhone cycle, Ong believes. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook announcing the iPhone 11 Pro.

Image source: Apple.

New form factors drive sales growth

While 5G connectivity is expected to be one of the major selling points of Apple’s upcoming iPhone lineup, there’s another element to these next-generation smartphones that may also help drive sales: a third display size.

Apple’s newest iPhone models are expected to launch in three different display

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