Tech leaders emerge from under-resourced schools thanks to this program

Danielle Page, for Verizon
Published 9:12 a.m. ET Oct. 1, 2020


See the Verizon Innovative Learning program featured as part of USA TODAY Network’s The Storytellers Project.


Here’s how one company is empowering students through technology.

James Allrich, principal at Argyle Magnet Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland, has always had a reputation for being the go-to tech guy.

“For me, technology is just one of those things that’s always been easy for me — I view it as a tool to make life and things we do a lot easier,” he said.

This school program supports digital learning and inclusion. (Photo: Getty Images)

So when the opportunity to become part of the Verizon Innovative Learning program, which provides technology-based STEM curriculums — focused on science, technology, engineering and math — and gives each student and teacher a device and monthly data plan, Allrich knew the potential

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