Facebook and Twitter keep fact-checking Trump on voting by mail. He’s undeterred.

When President Donald Trump’s Facebook account Monday posted an evidence-free assertion that mail-in ballots “cannot be accurately counted,” the social media giant responded, placing a label on the post that said simply: “Visit the Voting Information Center for election resources and official updates.”

That did not sit well with some of Facebook’s critics.

“That label is worse than nothing,” Kate Starbird, a University of Washington associate professor of human-centered design and engineering, said in a tweet.

Facebook later changed the label to make it more aggressive, describing a “long history of trustworthiness” for both voting in person and by mail. A parallel scene played out with Twitter, where an identical claim from the president resulted in a short label: “Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure.”

But Facebook and Twitter still left the posts up.

Facebook and Twitter announced months ago that this is how they would

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