Central Camera to reopen in Chicago’s Loop after being destroyed amid civil unrest

CHICAGO (WLS) — Central Camera needed to close its doors after $1 million of inventory was damaged during the civil unrest this summer in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The 121-year-old store will reopen for the first time since the incident by the end of this month.

Don Flesch’s grandfather opened the store in 1899, and it has become part of the community since.

“It is uplifting for us, and it has been uplifting to them to know where to go, or where they can buy something, or we tell them we don’t have it. If they need right away, fine. If they can wait, then we special order it, so it’s a community feeling,” said Flesch, owner of Central Camera.

“Because it has a history, it has a neighborhood even though it’s the city, and he is a wonderful person, and it’s something that’s really missing” said Kiyomi

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