Pac-12 CEOs plan to vote today on 2020 football season

Later today, the Pac-12 presidents and chancellors will cast the most significant vote since conference expansion.

We learned long ago not to assume anything when the CEOs convene for a decision on athletics, much less two decisions.

Really, this is a two-for-one gathering.

Will they play football in 2020?

And if so, when will they start?

Do the teams move together on Nov. 7, or will a few open on Halloween?

Because of lingering issues with health restrictions in California and Oregon — despite what those governors said last week — the situation isn’t as clean as the presidents would prefer. Contingencies might be required.

But that matter is secondary to the fundamental decision of whether the Pac-12 should play.

In our view, the answer is clear.

The conference should restart the season as soon as possible even though many of the schools have told students the classrooms aren’t safe.

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