Neuroscientist mom writes science adventure books for all kinds of kids

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In the spring of 2017, Theanne Griffith was a new mom on maternity leave with her first baby girl, Violeta. It was hard. Breastfeeding was so much more challenging than Griffith ever expected, and sleep deprivation was no joke. Still, the pause from her demanding role as a postdoctoral neuroscientist at Columbia University gave her some time to think.

All her life, Griffith had two consistent loves: science and books. She’d always dreamed of becoming a children’s book author — a goal that kept being put on hold as her scientific career flourished. Why was she letting that happen, though?

“I remember sitting there on my couch, breastfeeding my 1-month-old, and I thought, ‘Theanne, you know what, just do it,’” Griffith, 34, told TODAY Parents. “I started a website and changed my Twitter handle to say I was a children’s book writer. …

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