YouTube’s 5 Most Subscribed K-Pop Channels And How Much They Make Per Year


  • The most subscribed K-pop channel on YouTube is owned BTS’s agency Big Hit Entertainment
  • YouTube channel “Big Hit Labels” currently has over 44.6 million subscribers
  • SM Entertainment’s YouTube channel  is second on the list with 24.2 million subscribers

K-pop has gained global popularity over the years and has attained a huge fanbase all around the world. The K-pop agencies often use YouTube as one of their main platforms to promote their artists’ activities, music videos, and to upload other content.

Here’s a list of some of the most subscribed K-pop channels on YouTube and the estimated ad revenues generated from them:

1. Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Labels is the most subscribed K-pop channel on YouTube with over 44.6 million subscribers. Big Hit Entertainment is home to the world-famous boy-bay BTS, TXT, GFriend, and Enhypen.

It currently has 11.7 billion total views and generates an estimated amount of

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