Microsoft is hiring physicians, healthcare executives, and engineers, as well as directing Microsoft vets with decades of experience, to focus on the business of medicine.

Its projects are wide-ranging. One huge effort of late is the $1.57 trillion company’s first cloud kit that’s specific to the needs of a single industry, “Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.”

Another product, Microsoft Teams, is quickly becoming a go-to telehealth provider for tens of millions of physicians each month, CEO Satya Nadella said in a recent earnings call. 

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Microsoft’s top people for healthcare business don’t work on an official, singular team. Many of them work in the research division, sales, or various industry and product groups that are catering tech to specific kinds of clients. 

Tom McGuinness is basically in charge of the healthcare push, according to the company, though Peter Lee was tapped by Nadella in 2017 to get it going and remains involved in the software giant’s healthcare decisions. 

Those two and the 13 others are working on tech tools for doctors, AI for drug research, and a handful of other priorities making up Microsoft’s growing healthcare portfolio.

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