The best Amazon Prime Day gaming laptop deals

The big day doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, but there are already Amazon Prime Day gaming laptop deals to be had. But, shhh, right now they’re not all actually on Amazon itself. You can check out our current selection of Amazon Prime Day deals  from the early offers on assorted goodies, but we’ve also seen some pretty impressive gaming laptop deals too.

You might be concerned that the new Nvidia RTX 3080 launch would instantly render the RTX 20-series obsolete, and while that’s almost true from a desktop GPU point of view, on the gaming laptop side it’s not so cut and dried. With the Nvidia RTX 20-series Super cards only launching this year I wouldn’t expect RTX 30-series mobile GPUs until well into 2021.

Yet there are certain to be discounted gaming laptops as last-gen processors from Intel get phased out ahead of the upcoming 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake launch, and Rocket Lake next year.

We’ve also added a bunch of non-gaming laptops to the pile too. Because sometimes you just want a svelte little notebook to take on the road, while your hulking great desktop monster takes care of gaming at home. 

Amazon Prime Day gaming laptop deals

Acer Nitro 5 | $694 at Amazon

For less than $700 you get a 1080p IPS display, a quad-core/eight-thread Intel CPU, and a discrete GPU that will give you decent HD gaming chops on the go.View Deal

Amazon Prime Day laptop deals

Apple MacBook Pro | $2,399 $2,099 at Amazon

Okay, this is PC Gamer, and I’m recommending a Mac. One that cannot really game. But if you want to do some of that there creative stuff, with $300 off, the six-core MacBook Pro and AMD 5300M GPU will see you right.View Deal

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