The trick to freeing up space on your smartphone without downloading any apps

Smartphones have become a key part of everyone’s daily lives, with making phone calls no longer its main purpose.

Instead, users use them more as small computers or storage units for files and pictures. However, one downside is their small storage capacity.

While many new smartphones come with up to 250 gigabytes of space, the evolution of integrated cameras, apps and countless files stored throughout the day means that space can quickly fill up.

Cached data

The first thing users should do to try and free up space is delete apps that are never used. Most phones already come various apps that are pre-installed, even if the user doesn’t know what they are or what they are used for.

If they haven’t been used in months, they should be deleted. Even though that may only free up a few hundred megabytes, it will help with the performance of the phone.

The other thing to be aware of is cached date. It’s where data accumulates every time actions are completed on a day to day basis, as it helps save time when checking your social networks and using browsers.

This helps with the performance of the phone, which is a positive, but only for the things you need. It’s best to clear cached data from time to time so that your phone doesn’t slow down in terms of performance.

You can also clear the cached data of each application, and to do this you must follow these steps. Head to the Settings tab and then Applications. Once there, select ‘clear cache’ for the individual app to free up some space on your phone.