‘Valorant’ Act Three Release Date And Content Announced

Riot Games has confirmed the release date for Valorant Act Three and what content will be coming as part of the launch of the act and some information on what will be coming in the patch after the launch of Act Three. 

Act Three in Valorant will launch on October 13, although an exact time is yet to be announced. Act Two is due to end at 4:30 AM PT on October 13, but you can expect some amount of server downtime before Act Three is available to play. 

Included in the release of Act Three will be the new Icebox map, which will be available to play in unranked matches from October 13. It will be added to the ranked playlist, providing there are no issues found with the map, with the following update on October 27. 

The map is set in an arctic location, featuring a lot of snow and ice. There is an area of the map that appears to be a shipping yard, with lots of shipping containers to provide cover, and a giant ship on one side of the map. The team also revealed that the map features a zipline that will allow players to reach hard to climb areas. 

Also coming with the launch of Act Three on October 13 is the competitive refresh that was announced earlier in the week. This will reduce the range of skill levels that can play together in ranked matches and allow you to select your prefered server. 

The Act Three battle pass will also launch on the 13th, featuring revamped weekly mission progress and items such as the Ruin Vandal, “Disco Ball” Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky. There will also be additional epilogue tiers for those who finish the battle pass. Previous battle passes have been available for 1000 Valorant Points, which is around $9.99. It is probably safe to assume that the Act Three battle pass will be the same price. 

The final addition coming on October 13 is the new Singularity skin set, that is set to feature new skins for the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee. This set comes from the future, which should give it a very interesting look. 

Two weeks after Act Three launches a new agent will be added to Valorant, and the Icebox map will be added to the ranked playlist. The next patch is due to hit on October 27, with full details of the new agent expected sometime before that.

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