Verizon, Cisco partner on 5G edge services for entertainment industry

Verizon and Cisco announced Wednesday a new collaboration that will integrate Verizon’s 5G network and edge interfaces with products from Cisco’s sports and entertainment portfolio. 

Specifically, the companies said they plan to integrate Cisco’s DNA Spaces for secure location analytics, switching and data center technology, and connected venue analytics with Verizon’s 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) environments. 

The aim is to target sporting and entertainment venues with next-generation connectivity and infrastructure services as they begin to reopen to live fans after the pandemic.

With 5G shifting workloads from the edge device to centralized systems, Cisco and Verizon posit that these joint technologies could reduce the cost of processing and requirements for edge devices, making applications more cost-effective and easier to deploy. 

Cisco and Verizon highlight several use case examples for how their joint offerings could be used. For instance, a stadium could use analytics to estimate wait times at check in, restrooms and concession stands, and then use that data to direct patrons to the shortest lines around the venue via digital signage and mobile apps. 

“Our combined expertise and technology innovation is furthering the evolution of 5G, creating a dynamic offering for the industry that will redefine stadium sports and entertainment for the future,” said Jonathan Davidson, SVP and GM of Cisco’s Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group. “With the power of 5G and MEC solutions, we can bring cloud-powered services closer to the edge for more flexible development of applications, helping venues to deliver new experiences better, faster and with more clarity and precision.”


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