Volvo On Call Smartphone App Receives New Functionality

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With every new car reveal, there’s at least a mention of new connectivity between your phone and car. Volvo took a slightly different approach and increased connectivity between your phone, your car, and your car’s dealership. Called Volvo On Call, it’s an app first developed in 2015 and has since steadily increased functionality. And now that includes booking service appointments.

With the app, you can schedule an appointment at any time. It automatically finds the nearest Volvo dealer to you and has access to the dealer management system so you have real time schedule availability. If the service you need is among common maintenance or repairs, the app gives cost estimates for the work as well.

Moreover, using Volvo’s Valet service, you can have your car picked up and a loaner car dropped off for you to use while the car is in service, and vice versa. To help you keep track of progress, the app has an Uber/Lyft-like feature showing you where your loaner car and/or personal car is on the road, with an estimated arrival time. There’s a similar tracker of progress on the techs wrenching on your car, too. It’s all very big brother, fortunately you’re the one doing the surveillance.

And this same tech applies for the unscheduled work as well. If you need roadside assistance for any reason, Volvo on Call has a feature to book that service. And you get the same tracking power, showing you where the tow truck or whatever service requested is on the road with estimated arrival time.

Finally, for the plug-in hybrid owners, the Plug in Insight feature gives you information on how much you drove on electricity alone, how much electricity you used, and how much fuel you burned. There are other metrics to follow as well, if you love data, because Volvo is working on functions like CO2 footprint and fuel cost saved. This service works on 2015 and newer Volvos.

The Volvo on Call services come complimentary with a purchase of a new Volvo for the first four years. Afterwards maintaining it costs $200 a year. That might prove a deal breaker for some. But there are other conveniences to make others feel its worth it, such as the ability to remotely lock or unlock the doors, start the engine, or honk the horn and flash the lights.

The connection between you, your phone, and everything else is constantly increasing. But at least some of it is convenient. For true escape from the connected world, we recommend browsing Bring a Trailer for something with carburetors.

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