What Kind of Laptop Should an Information Technology Student Use –

Knowing the laptop to use as an Information technology student can help you learn much faster and vast. Here are all you need to know about picking a sound system

There are many reasons to choose a perfect laptop as an IT student. Apart from the fact that it can make your science and tech work much easier, it is also fit for essay writing. The RAM, core, brand, and processor are significant factors you must ensure are at the very best standard for easy work.

Essay writing is not left out from IT students, and as such, you could need some expert help. An excellent PC for an information technology student only makes the entire process easier.

So are you looking for a great information technology laptop for a student to enhance easy study? Here is all you need to consider. 

How to Choose a  Laptop

Laptops with higher System RAM Size

The Random Access Memory size is an important parameter to consider when choosing your laptop as an ICT student. The RAM size measures the processing speed of any gadget, especially smartphones and computers. ICT students do a lot of tasks and tests daily. By using Edubirdie, it is assured you will get get help to generate and write high-quality text important for your course which means that you will need a laptop that can perform many tasks at once. 

As an ICT student, you will need a laptop that is at least up to the standard 8GB ram size. However, to be guaranteed maximum output, you will need to step higher to a 16GB size. covering complex tasks like video editing and running multiple software applications simultaneously. 

The RAM factor cannot be overlooked when picking a laptop as an ICT student because it will determine your learning speed and the quality of your experiments.

Laptops with a functional CPU version 

The Central Processing Unit is responsible for making calculations and running the programs on your personal computer. The CPU is upgraded almost every year, so you may not necessarily need the latest version but the functional one. It is advised to choose a laptop with the “9th Gen Core series” like the Intel Core i9-9900K. 

These processing unit classes will guarantee you a good PC experience as an ICT student, as they produce quick responses and have a low program load time. 

Laptops with Wireless Internet connection

The wireless connectivity feature is relevant for both speed and comfort as an ICT student. The internet has become the number one resource place on earth. Students have to use the internet almost daily to gather information. When choosing a laptop for your study endeavors, ensure that it is enabled for a wireless Internet connection. 

However, the wireless feature is familiar to most modern laptops, and you will not need to look too far to find this. Wireless connections on PC’s come in the form of WI-FI, MODEM ports, and wireless network cards.

Laptops with Effective Antiviral software

You may need to frequently share files with teachers and fellow students in the ICT endeavor. It is ideal to use a laptop with tested and trusted anti-virus software to protect it against viruses, spyware, worms, and other invasions. An invasion could corrupt your information and files and may even cause damage to the functionality of your system.

In your ICT endeavor, you should not only choose a computer with trusted antiviral software but also constantly check for updates and recommendations on the software. That way, you keep your files safe and protected all year round.

Laptops with integrated webcam 

An integrated webcam is a camera that is enabled to connect and function with alien applications. As an ICT student, you will need to attend a few online courses and broadcast a few of your endeavors. These online broadcasts are made possible with a laptop with an integrated webcam that allows you to use broadcast applications like skype, zoom, etc.

You must use a laptop with a webcam as an ICT student as the feature always comes in handy.

Laptops Anti-theft and Damage insurance 

The campus is home to many vices, including theft and frequent damages. As an ICT student, your laptop should be insured, as you may not always be able to protect your device. Insurance can be done at the point of purchase, as many service providers can recover or replace your gadget if stolen.

These service providers also back up your computer, so you can immediately recover your information and files in the reality of a new one.


The laptop was designed with the vision of portability. However, some laptop computers are more portable than others. As a student who will be doing a lot of learning and running around, you will need to use a device that is as portable as possible. 

Portability with laptops works to your advantage as a student, as it relieves you of unnecessary weight and ensures that you are apt to learn. Do choose a computer that has slim dimensions and is made with the lightest materials possible.


Many considerations determine which laptop to use for your IT course. This article has considered all of them, so you know what to look up to for the best service. You should, however, ensure that your budget fits with what you want.