WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Exxon Turbo Boost, Tech Buyout Fantasies, Stashing Cash

Michael Nathanson, chairman and CEO of the independent wealth management firm Colony Group, told Barron’s that robo-advisers have a role to play in serving certain client segments. As for the industry’s continued shift toward client-centric wealth management advice and away from the investment-only models of the past, I think the shift can’t be completed quickly enough.

Does the evolution in the industry come down to financial advisers doing a better job embracing new technologies? We must all do so, but simply committing ourselves to using more and better technology isn’t committing ourselves to meaningful, evolutionary changes. In fact, it may merely be masking the need for such changes.

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Where Trump and Biden Stand on Mortgage Finance: The incumbent administration eyes returning Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to private ownership. Democrats would use them to promote affordable housing.


Coronavirus Elevates Compliance Risks for Most Companies: A survey shows 90% of companies say they have experienced new or amplified risks related to the pandemic.


Exxon Could Get a Chemical Turbo Boost if Oil Rebounds: Higher crude prices could magnify chemicals segment’s earnings because of the company’s exposure to North America and Middle East.


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Bleak prospects for equity dividends are likely to continue to drive investors into credit as companies increase bond supply, says Fraser Lundie, head of credit at the international business of Federated Hermes. “With Developed Market real yields still deeply in negative territory and dividend prospects still in the doldrums, expect credit to continue to be a beneficiary,” he says. Companies are likely to continue to tap the credit market to refinance debt coming up for repayment in the near term, pushing out liability term structures and lowering interest costs against and “extremely uncertain macro,” he says. (; @lorena_rbal)

The path and varying strength of Hurricane Delta is creating a bullish scenario for oil markets so far, as offshore oil production is cut significantly while the risks of onshore demand destruction appear relatively mild. Its strength and direction in the Gulf of Mexico has created such a serious threat for offshore oil producers that they’ve halted four-fifths of total offshore output, or about 1.5M bpd. But the storm could weaken moderately before making landfall Friday, and it’s starting to bend east toward a somewhat lightly-populated region of Louisiana, making it highly unlikely big cities like Houston will face any demand-destroying flooding situations.  (


Big Tech Buyout Fantasies May Be on Hold: While much remains uncertain about the federal government’s ambitious case against big tech, at least one outcome seems highly likely: Tech giants won’t be able to buy their way to growth anytime soon.


JPMorgan Unveils $30 Billion Push to Bridge Racial Wealth Gap: Bank focuses on expanding access to affordable housing and boosting minority-owned small businesses.


Stashing Cash In a Low-Interest World: Many Americans are saving more than ever before during the pandemic, but the Federal Reserve’s long-term low rates have many wondering: Where is the best place to store cash?


Saudi Staycations Lay Bare Obstacles to Kingdom’s Tourism Drive: With international travel constrained, many Saudi residents are exploring the kingdom; most attractions lack basic infrastructure.


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