Xiaomi’s new India products include a speaker, a soap dispenser, and shoes

Xiaomi has announced a wide range of new products for India under the tagline “smarter living,” further pushing the devices in its ecosystem beyond smartphones. Some of them have already gone on sale in China in altered form, but they’re all new for India.

First up is the Mi Watch Revolve, which looks very similar to a product sold in China as the Mi Watch Color, which was itself almost identical to the Amazfit GTR. The Revolve has a 1.39-inch round OLED screen with 326 ppi, and Xiaomi is claiming up to a week’s battery life.

It’s not clear what software the Revolve is running, but in screenshots it looks similar to what ships on Amazfit watches like the T-rex, and it certainly isn’t Wear OS. Amazfit is part of Xiaomi’s ecosystem, so it’d make sense for software to be shared at least to some extent.

The Mi Watch Revolve will go on sale on October 6th for Rs. 9,999 (~$135) until Diwali, when the price will go up to Rs. 10,999 ($149).

Xiaomi is further adding to its wearables lineup by launching the Mi Smart Band 5 in India. The fitness band has a 20-percent larger OLED screen at 1.1 inches, is water resistant up to 50 meters, and should be good for two weeks on a charge.

The Mi Smart Band 5 will go on sale for Rs. 2,499 ($34) on October 1st.

Perhaps Xiaomi’s most traditional wearable to date, the company is also introducing its new Mi Athleisure Shoes. Described as “the perfect workout companion,” they sort of look like Xiaomi’s take on the Nike Roshe Run, with a mesh fabric and an oversized EVA sole.

The Athleisure Shoes will go on sale for just Rs. 1,499 ($20).

Next up is the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser, of all things. This device uses automatic hand detection for contact-free hand washing; it can store 300ml of soap for up to 375 hand washes. Xiaomi says it dispenses soap in a quarter of a second.

It’ll be available for Rs. 999 ($14).

We also have the Mi Smart Speaker, which uses the Google Assistant and has an Alexa-style blue ring around the top. Xiaomi says it’s focused strongly on sound quality with this product, using a 12W speaker and 63.5mm driver. Two can be paired together for stereo sound.

The Mi Smart Speaker will go on sale on October 1st for an introductory price of Rs. 3,499 ($47), which is an impressive achievement if it can hold up to Xiaomi’s audio quality claims. We’ll have to test that for ourselves.

Finally, Xiaomi is introducing an inexpensive new smart lightbulb called the Mi Smart LED Bulb. It has a B22 fitting for Indian homes, can be controlled through the Mi Home app or with a voice assistant, and is available now for Rs. 499 ($7).

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