Your Online Business’ Alternative to PPC – SEO

Among the most important arsenals that an online entrepreneur can invest in is a PPC, or pay per click, marketing strategy. As the name itself says, the entrepreneur will have to pay the ad provider every time someone clicks on the advertisement. It may be costly when that someone does not really generate any income for the entrepreneur. Enter SEO or search engine optimization. It only requires a one time payment that will have long term results.

What is really optimized?

Search engine optimization does not optimize the search engine. What it optimizes is your website. SEO in a nutshell works by ensuring that your website will be on the top of the search results when an internet surfer does a search using a search engine. When your website is among the first, if not the very first, listed then it would naturally and obviously translate to having higher chances that the surfer will click on your link. Really, who goes through all the websites listed in a search result? You would be lucky to have someone view your site when you are listed somewhere in the middle, or far worse, towards the end of the list. And especially so when that list reaches up to at least hundreds or even thousands of sites.

SEO methods

The most famous methods, specifically used by Yahoo!, is known as crawling. These search engines use crawlers or also known as spiders or ants to search for the sites. It works by creating a copy of every website visited. Making future searches easier and faster because the data is stored in their own data banks. As a website owner, for your website to be crawled into, invite the ants by submitting your site to be viewed by search engines. They copy the search engine makes will be linked to your own website, when a surfer clicks on the link, it does not go into the copy but into the original website, your own.

Another consultant for seo is link farming. This is done by linking your website with other websites. A similar method is known as comment spamming which can be done by simply putting a link to your own website in comments you post in other sites.

The most obvious and easiest way to do SEO is by saturating your website content with relevant keywords or even phrases. Other websites cheat by keyword stuffing, a process wherein words are hidden from the human viewers and are placed as backgrounds. Some even go to extremes by including keywords that are totally not related to the website, done just so the site can appear in as many search parameters as it can.

The other SEO

Getting lost in the vast technicalities? Do not worry. You can still optimize your website by getting the services of a SEO, a search engine optimizer that is. One who does all the optimization work for you. Some operate as stand alone optimizing business, while some may be a part of an affiliate marketing package. Either way, do-it-yourself method or professionally done optimization will surely increase your website’s target audience and popularity which would translate to profits for you.